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  • Saves you time, convenient one stop for your travel arrangement
  • Provides personalized service like diving tour/trip, consultation on diving equipment
  • Knowledgeable about destinations
  • Ensure the best value providing you the most for your money!

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It is worth recommending and appreciate the professionalism and attitude of the coach.

Serene Chang
Serene Chang

Coach Iris is cautious in teaching. Although his expression is grave, sometimes he will make some cold jokes to make the atmosphere more relaxed 😂 Overall, it is an excellent learning experience for the coach🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tung Chee Wai
Tung Chee Wai

Dived with their dive master and instructors lately. Very detail briefing before dives. Service are very good too. They even change your equipment after every dives and make sure everything is in order before leaving for diving. They even provide small bites and drinks during surface interval. A small gesture that makes a lot of different when u feel hungry or cold after dive. Most important of all they are very friendly and attentive to your needs. Definitely a 5 stars ⭐️ for them and will come back again to dive with them.

Jas Khaw
Jas Khaw