Course fees include diving equipment and wetsuits.

  • Change of clothes
  • Water-resistant clothing (beach shorts or swimwear)
  • Toiletries
  • Common/emergency medicines (if you get seasick, you need to bring your own seasickness medicine)


  • Scuba socks (in case the fins rub your feet)
  • Long jellyfish suit (sun protection)
  • Slippers
  • Dry bag

Yes, you can contact us directly to arrange it, but depending on the island, the accommodation may have different charges.

Anyone from 10 to 90 years old can dive.

For ages 10-11, the maximum depth is limited to 12m, and diving must be accompanied by a PADI professional.

For ages 12-14 years, the maximum depth for junior open water divers is 18m (the maximum depth for advanced education is 21m), and they must be accompanied by a qualified adult diver to dive. Under 18, participants and their parents/guardians must sign relevant documents to participate in the trip and marching dives.

For friends over 18, no big problem. But friends over 45 years old should pay attention to the following:

The health statement in the form that must be filled out before diving, the content is as follows:

Are you over 45 and have one of the following?

  • Currently smokes a pipe, cigar or cigarette.
  • High cholesterol index
  • A history of heart disease or stroke in the family
  • Currently seeking medical treatment
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes, even with diet control

You don’t have the habit of doing regular body checkups. However, to be on the safe side, it is recommended to do a physical checkup and get the doctor’s permission before signing up. Your life is our responsibility.

Women can use tampons or menstrual cups during their menstrual period. As long as you don’t mind it, it’s okay. However, it still depends on your physical condition, as long as there is no apparent discomfort in the body.

  • The open water course takes four days and three nights.
  • The Advanced Open Water course takes three days and two nights
  • It is also possible to continue playing if you want to postpone it for a few days.

You can choose to experience diving (Discover Scuba Diving) without a diving certificate, but there are restrictions on the depth, and the cost will be relatively high. Fun Dive is only open to divers with Open Water or above

1:4, one coach can lead up to 4 students so that we can focus more on helping everyone study hard

  • E-learning textbook
  • Diving equipment
  • Jacket / Wetsuits
  • Diving logbook (Log Book) *Only for Open Water students
  • OKIM merchandise
  • OKIM clothes
  • Accommodation,
  • Ferry tickets
  • Ocean Park fees
  • Personal consumption

The certificate itself will not expire, but if you have not dived for more than six months, we recommend you refresh to ensure that you still remember all the basic diving skills.

You can wear contact lenses or choose a diving mask with its prescription (please ask customer service).

It is recommended that students do not carry underwater cameras during the study period, and staying focused on learning as much as possible is essential. After successfully obtaining the diving certificate, you can record the diving process in any way you want.

Tanning is no longer just a problem for girls; many boys will also ask for information. You will get a little tan when you come to the beach. This section focuses on sunburn rather than tanning.

Method 1: sun protection clothing
Long-sleeved shirts and pants (jellyfish suits) are available for purchase. This suit will keep you from getting two shades and not getting sunburned. The wetsuits provided by each dive shop are different, and long wetsuits may not be required. You can also wear it when you go to the beach or swim at ordinary times without wasting it.

Method 2: Natural Sunscreen
We’re putting a lot of emphasis on “natural” sunscreens here because the chemicals in many sunscreens have destroyed our diving home—the sea and its marine life. So choose a sunscreen labelled ECO FRIENDLY (if you need to use it)

Method 3: Repair after sun exposure
You can prepare aloe vera gel or vitamin E essential oil. These two natural ingredients are beneficial for repairing after sun exposure. Apply a thick layer to your face and the backs of your hands after a day of study and a good shower that can significantly reduce skin damage after a sunburn! You can purchase Vitamin E essential oil in all major pharmacies.

The ear will feel uncomfortable. The main reason is that the water pressure increases when diving, and the pressure inside and outside the ear differs. The general ear pressure balancing method is first to pinch the nose from the mask to block the nostrils, then blow the nose so the air can pass through the ear tube to balance the pressure inside and outside the ear. For many beginners, it is always challenging to balance the ear pressure at the beginning. Here is a little trick: before you go into the water, do a few ear pressure balances on the shore. Don’t wait until your ears feel pain when you dive. Start doing it as soon as you descend, especially in shallow water, because the number of times should also increase relatively. The so-called practice makes perfect, and experienced divers can easily balance the ear pressure as long as they swallow their saliva or swing their jaws left and right.

Many international diving organizations around the world offer diving certification. The most common ones are PADI, SSI, NAUI, CMAS and many more. Like there are many brands of computers, research and choose the one that suits you. Next, OKIM provides PADI diving certification. We hope you will join our PADI family and explore other diving sites together.